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Limits of the State

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2007/02/05 - Albert Esplugas Boter

Ten Easy Arguments against Government Intervention

Below, I lay out ten easy libertarian arguments to use during debates around the coffee table. It is worth having a few arguments at the ready that, because of their simplicity, overwhelming logic and visual power, appeal directly to a person's common sense and are able, at least, to plant a seed of doubt.

2005/01/30 - Jorge Valín

A State-Free Society

Perhaps you believe that without state intervention, society would fall into chaos. Many authors are waking up to the simple truth that there is no reason “public services” need to be provided by the government. Since Spain undertook a partial liberalization of the communications industry, the sector has blossomed and now offers us cheaper and more varied services than when it was a state monopoly. Just imagine if the health, security or justice systems were privatized…
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