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2008/02/03 - Gabriel Calzada

UNESCO's Blessing is a Curse

Antigua, Guatemala is a beautiful colonial city, magnificently restored and maintained. Its streets and homes, its public squares and churches exude history. Monumental ruins are scattered about, giving the place a mythological air. To the south and west, three majestic volcanoes reveal the city's past. At the same time, they protect its secrets and tragedies. In Antigua, everything is in harmony. Everything? Well, almost everything.

2007/12/03 - Gabriel Calzada

Bring Back the League

All of a sudden, every Fish and Agriculture ministry in the European Union has gone libertarian. At least that is the impression they gave with their unanimous decision to suspend tariffs on imported cereal. Is this because of some abrupt ideological conversion?

2007/09/25 - Daniel Rodríguez Herrera

The EU Messing with Microsoft

The Court of First Instance of the European Union, after deliberating forseventeen months and, according to some, having the president cast the deciding vote, ruled in favor of the Commission in almost everything it decided regarding Microsoft’s "abuse of dominant position."

2007/07/24 - Gabriel Calzada

Bureaucrats and Ryanair

Ryanair, the low-cost airline that now leads the world in number of passengers carried, tried to expand its operations by making an all cash offer for Aer Lingus. But apparently what was OK for Europe's old and stagnant national carriers is not acceptable for a company that satisfies consumers with private funds and low prices. That is how Brussels works!

2007/07/16 - José Carlos Rodríguez

Bumper Cars

I was still a child when I discovered what competition was all about. During my hometown's festivals, only one ride interested me: bumper cars. There were two bumper car rides right next to each other. I remember walking up to one of them and buying six rides for 500 pesetas. When I saw that the man at the ticket booth had handed me seven or eight tickets, I told him he had given me too many.

2007/07/10 - Daniel Rodríguez Herrera

EU slaps Telefónica instead of CMT

They are certainly giving me plenty of work. Once again, Brussels has put me in the mood to defend Telefónica, something that makes any web surfer feel more than a little guilty. And it isn't just me. The Association of Internet Users, of which I am a member, got its start years ago as the "Platform for a Flat Rate," holding Internet connection strikes to try to force the monopoly to offer a fixed rate Internet plan. Well, the Association has also had to come out against Brussels and in favor of the dominant telephone company.

2006/12/10 - José Carlos Rodríguez

A Progressive Christmas

Christmas is a season of deathly boredom; a tedious time during which we make the mistake of paying too much attention to the media. We allow the press to infect us with uneasiness about our civilization and our way of life.

2006/11/05 - Gabriel Calzada

ZP on Terrorism and Climate Change

ZP outdid himself at the XVI Ibero-American Summit. He said what, at first glance, only an idiot would express. In truth, it revealed his complete lack of ethical principles. Rodríguez claimed that "climate change has caused more deaths than international terrorism."

2006/10/19 - Jorge Valín

Year 2002, the Chaos Begins

According to a study in the financial daily Expansión, since the Euro was introduced in 2002, the cost of living has risen three times faster than salaries: having a coffee now costs double what it did in 2002; going to the movies is 33 percent more expensive; bread is up 60 percent; the prices for some fresh fruits and vegetables have jumped over 150 percent; chicken spiked 130 percent and textiles 40 percent. This year alone, rent for an apartment has increased 70 percent more than the Consumer Price Index (IPC).

2006/09/24 - José Carlos Rodríguez

Esperanza Aguirre and Taxation

In his own words, the first time he developed the idea was on a paper napkin.Arthur Laffer laid out a simple curve, an inverted "U", showing that as tax rates rise revenue to the State does too. When the rates reach a certain height, however, revenue growth slows. With even higher rates the State begins to lose revenue, unable to steal more wealth from society.
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