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The Juan de Mariana Institute is launched

On Saturday March 12th, the Juan de Mariana Institute held its official inauguration celebrations in its headquarters on Angel Street in Madrid, The Institute´s Director, Gabriel Calzada Álvarez made a brief presentation of JMI´s mission to promote the ideas of freedom, individual rights and the free market. These ideas form part of a long tradition of Spanish thought beginning with the 16th century School of Salamanca. One of the School´s main defenders of freedom was Juan de Mariana.

(Madrid) Among those attending the event were Jesús Huerta de Soto, Chair of Political Economy at the King Juan Carlos I University and Carlos Rodríguez Braun, Chair of the History of Economic Thought at the Complutense University of Madrid. Following speeches by some of the Institute´s members detailing some of the projects already underway, everyone expressed great enthusiasm for the JMI´s possibilities and toasted to its inauguration and future success.

The Juan de Mariana Institute was established to research the social sciences, especially economy, philosophy and history, from a libertarian point of view. JMI is also dedicated to teaching, and raising awareness of, the basics of individual freedom. Inspired by the long Spanish libertarian tradition, the Institute chose Juan de Mariana as its patron, a philosopher and historian from Salamanca who lived during the Spanish Golden Age, from the late 16th to early 17th century.

The Juan de Mariana Institute is structured around three departments: Research, Events and Media, each linked to the other to ensure the Institute’s work reaches as wide an audience as possible. JMI focuses on society’s main issues: health policy, education, the environment, free trade, economic regulations, the Internet and personal freedom. Every research area will be analyzed from a libertarian perspective, always defending individual rights and freedoms.

The Institute is determined to connect with the public and, in this vein, has set up a webpage where its latest articles and information on upcoming events are available to all. University professors, lawyers, economists, engineers and journalists make up JMI¨s team of specialists.

El Instituto Juan de Mariana es una institución independiente dedicada a la investigación de los asuntos públicos. Con el fin de mantener una independencia plena, el Instituto no acepta subvenciones o ayudas de ningún gobierno o partido político. Su objetivo es convertirse en un punto de referencia en el debate de las ideas y de las políticas públicas con la vista puesta en una sociedad libre. Para conseguirlo nos proponemos estudiar y difundir la naturaleza del mercado. El nombre del Instituto proviene del más prominente pensador de la Escuela de Salamanca, encarcelado a principios del siglo XVII por su oposición a Felipe III.

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